Allan Mitchell talks about Azure Data Factory

I recently caught up with Allan Mitchell at SQL Saturday in Exeter.

Allan talks about Azure Data Factory  ….

The new integration services in the Cloud.  Allan explains the background to the new service , what it does for us sand how we should be using it.



Allan Mitchell

Allan is the joint owner of Data Relish Ltd.  I work with companies helping them to decide how best to store their data  Key/Value (Redis) Document (DocumentDB, Mongo) Relational (SQL Server) NoSQL (Hadoop/HBase) I also help customers to decide on whether a move to cloud based offerings makes sense. The Azure platform from Microsoft has a lot to offer and it isn’t necessarily a Cloud/On Premise binary choice. Hybrid scenarios make a lot of sense too. I also work with customers who have large scale or interesting data movement requirements. This could be batch processes which are complex or real-time sensor and telemetry data. We offer training as well as consultancy