Machine Learning without a PhD in statistics

Session information – Please note: Limited spaces left on this session

Machine learning (ML) is the science of making computers act without being unambiguously programmed. ML is ubiquitous , barely a day goes by without you using it – it’s just that it’s just not visible for example basket recommendation on a web shopping site, credit card fraud detection , facial and emotion detection, text and sentiment analysis.  It works by using advance statistical algorithms to detect correlations between data points and thus make predictions, and until now you needed to be a pretty good mathematician with a lot of expensive hardware and software to work in this space.

However the cloud and specifically Microsoft Azure have changed this and it’s now possible to not only design and refine a predictive model from the comfort of a web browser it’s also a simple process to publish that model as an api that can be used in line in a website application, in Power BI or wherever it’s needed.  Of course you do need to understand what’s going on and it’s a good idea to be aware of what the underlying algorithms are doing, and that’s exactly what this pre-con workshop will cover..

·         What is ML and why is everyone interested in it now?

·         What is Azure ML and what makes it so special?

·         Getting started with ML,  Loading data and preparing it for analysis.

·         Understanding the different types of algorithm and how they work

·         Training Scoring and Evaluating your first model

·         How to improve the model and understanding what success looks like

·         Publishing your model and testing it in Excel

·         Retraining

·         More examples and best practices

·         Using R and Python in Azure ML and a first look at Net# for neural network programming

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Andrew Fryer (@deepfat) is 8 years in to his role as a Technical Evangelist at Microsoft UK Ltd, specialising in Cortana Analytics, database management & BI.  When not blogging and making screencasts in the office he can be found presenting at various technical  events across the UK including SQL Bits, SQL Relay, and of course SQL Saturdays.  He also works on various data science projects in collaboration with Microsoft Research.