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Have you ever been asked to export data from a SQL Server database to an Excel spreadsheet or parse an XML file and import data into Microsoft Access or SQL, or connect to an FTP server and import a comma delimited file? If you have been tasked with any of these chores or are required to export or import any data on a daily basis, then SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) is the answer. SSIS is the toolset used to help you implement data integration process applications among your business application system’s files and databases.

SSIS was first introduced in SQL 2005 as the replacement to Data Transformation Services (DTS) and serves as the primary tool to extract, transform, and load data.  Built on top of the Common Language Runtime (CLR) SSIS provides a powerful and extensible platform to meet any ETL process.

This full day workshop will cover SSIS from beginning, creating simple to complex SSIS packages, to end, debugging, deploying, and maintaining projects.  All demonstrations and examples will presented using SSIS 2012, but detail will be given throughout the workshop to discuss the differences between SSIS 2005 through 2016.  Upon completion attendees will be provided with the knowledge and tools to immediately begin creating their own SSIS packages in their environment.

Upon completion of this workshop attendees will be able to:

  1. Be familiar with control flow tasks and architecture
  2. Identify the primary components of a data flow control flow task
  3. Implement event handlers for pro-active error handling and custom logging
  4. Use variables in a package to implement dynamic execution
  5. Be familiar with the different methods of deployment and the differences of each
  6. Use parameters to provide a means of making package execution dynamic and portable
  7. Work with the SSIS catalog to monitor execution and metrics

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David Dye

David is a Sergeant with the Cape Coral Police Department and currently works as a database administrator and developer in the Administrative Services Division. He began his career with the police department in 1990 in the patrol division and worked various assignments until being promoted to Sergeant in 1998. Based on his education and experience David was assigned to his current position in 2002.